Louisiana Groups Rally Together to Ask Sen. Cassidy to Champion PBM Reform

Senator Cassidy, We recognize your efforts to ensure patient access to affordable, innovative medicines and treatments. As you continue to consider different policy solutions to lower costs and increase access for patients, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) sit at the center of this discussion. And, it is clear that accountability is needed to lower the cost of medications at the pharmacy counter.

Groups Urge Sen. Cassidy to Hold PBMs Accountable

Pharmacy benefit mangers(PBMs) are at the center of this discussion and accountability is needed to ultimately lower the cost of medications at the pharmacy counter for patients in Louisiana.

Thank You MRAN Partners

This year, patient and physician advocate partners worked tirelessly to promote the continued development of these important innovations. We thank them and look forward to celebrating patient successes in 2023!

MRAN Partners Urge Sen. Cassidy to Support PASTEUR Act

In a joint letter, MRAN Louisiana partners urged Sen. Cassidy to co-sponsor the PASTEUR Act to secure legislative solutions for the rapidly growing threat of drug-resistant bacterial and fungal infections and advocate for its passage this year.

Louisiana Partners Share Concerns on H.R.3

We encourage our leaders in D.C. to bring forward practical solutions to lower prescription drug prices, but H.R. 3 is not the answer. After an extraordinary year of health challenges, one thing is clear – we need greater innovation and broader access to life-saving therapies.

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